[Question-56] You are working as the Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister’s Office. An opposition party member has filed a case against the Chief Minister alleging that he has received kickbacks in a recent deal to construct series of flyovers that is purported to be the longest network of flyovers in the country. As a Principal Secretary, you are very close to the Chief Minister (CM) and you are privy to many of his official and non-official meetings. You know that the CM is innocent and is a man of integrity. However, you know certain facts that some of the ministers in the government are corrupt and are part of certain scams. You are aware that the complaint against CM is politically motivated. The situation in the state is such that there is a cent percent chance of the opposition party coming to power in the next term. Elections are only two months away. Few powerful members of the opposition send you a message seeking information about the involvement of CM or of any other ministers in small or big scams. They offer you plum posting if you do them this favor. In this situation, the following are your options. Evaluate their merits and demerits: [Marks-20]


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