<p>Many intellectuals and government executives accentuated that inclusive growth is required for sustainable development and impartial distribution of wealth.&nbsp;</p>

<p>&bull; For India, it is a tough task to accomplish inclusive growth. In a democratic country India, the majority of the population living in rural India and bringing them into the mainstream is the main concern.&nbsp;<br />
&bull; The challenge for Indian government is to take the levels of growth to all sections of the society and to all parts of the country.&nbsp;<br />
&bull; Inclusive growth perfectly facilitates the stability and development of the global economy.<br />
&bull; It will add new impetus and vitality, providing new room for economic growth.<br />
&bull; Rapid development of technologies that facilitate inclusivity has led to the proliferation of e-commerce, mobile Internet, and intelligent manufacturing.&nbsp;<br />
&bull; Moreover, energy-saving measures and reduction of carbon emissions are expected to become the steam engine of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The challenge of skills shortage can be addressed through public-private partnership.&nbsp;<br />
&bull; Instead of only focusing on the economic outcomes as in traditional models, inclusive growth focuses more on equity.<br />
&bull; Only inclusive growth can address the root of global challenges and maintain the international order.<br />
&bull; Inclusive growth will continuously reduce the remaining barriers to the free flow of capital, goods, services, and technology among countries and regional blocs, which in the end will provide an environment conducive to economic recovery.<br />
&bull; It will boost development and global governance by turning the world into a community of interests and responsibilities.<br />
&bull; It promotes modernization and industrialization.<br />
&bull; In addition, it is deeply involved in cooperating with other emerging economies. Evidently, the emerging market economies and developing countries are playing a much more important role in contemporary economic growth, leading the way in inclusive growth.<br />
&bull; Inclusive growth will be focused more on the relationship between man and man, or man and nature, instead of capital growth and accumulation.</p>

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