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Why in news?

The government of Bangladesh has started the work of relocation of Rohingyas to the newly developed facility at Bhashan Char Island, as a part of partial relocation of the Rohingyas.

About Bashan Char Island

• The Bhashan Char Island is a remote uninhabited island of Bangladesh, located in the Bay of Bengal. The Bashan Char Islands are also called as the Floating Islands and Char Piya.

• The island, which spans for an area of 40 square kilometers is believed to have formed only in 2006, by Himalayan silt.

• The Bangladesh Government is relocating the Rohingya refugees to this island, which is located 60 kilometers from the mainland.

• Humanitarians oppose this move fearing poor livable conditions in the new island and demand for independent assessment by the United Nations.

• Environmentalists warn that the island is ecologically fragile are prone to floods and cyclones.

• The Government of Bangladesh is building a flood defence system in the island. Two long dams are being constructed under the protection system. The outer one being 12 feet high and the inner being 33 feet high.


Source: News on All India Radio.

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