Syllabus Section: Environment, Ecology, and Biodiversity


Why in news?

India ranked high along with the European Union and the United Kingdom in the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) 2021 released by non-profit organization German watch. However, according to the reporting country needed to focus more on renewable energy, both, as a mitigation strategy and for its post-novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) green recovery.

Key findings of the report

• India has ranked at 10th position in the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) 2021 for the second year.

• India has ranked high along with the European Union and the United Kingdom.

• India has received high ratings in all the categories of CCPI but in the renewable energy category, it has a medium performance.

• As per the report, no country is making enough efforts to meet the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement.

About CCPI

• The CCPI was released by a non-profit German watch. It was released in cooperation with the New Climate Institute and Climate Action Network (CAN).

• The Climate Change Performance Index compares 57 countries and the EU in the areas of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Renewable Energies, Energy Use and Climate Policy, thus providing a comprehensive overview of the current efforts and progress of the countries analyzed.

• Besides, it measures how well countries are on track to meet the global goals of the Paris Agreement by evaluating the current status and future targets of each category with reference to a well-below 2°C pathway.

About German watch

• German watch is an international environmental think tank which is based in Bonn and Berlin (Germany).

• It is an independent development and environmental organization which works for sustainable global development.


Source: Down to Earth

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