General Studies- II,III

Context :

Military commanders of India and China sat down for another round of talks in Moscow aimed at defusing heightened tensions along the south bank of Pangong Tso, which erupted after the Indian Army pre-empted intrusions by Chinese troops.

India’s Stand :

  • China’s actions were in violation of the bilateral agreements.
  • Both side would be able to resolve the ongoing situation peacefully through dialogue.
  • Diplomacy is the only way out of the crisis that can happen only if both sides understand that it is in each of their best interest if the events like this are not repeated.

China’s Stand :

  • The responsibility lies entirely with the India’s side , while china kept maximum restraint to prevent potential escalation.
  • India  should immediately withdraw its troops from LAC.
  • Both side should stay committed to resolve the issues through dialogue and consultations and make joint efforts to meet each other halfway.

The Problem so far :

  • Stark mismatch between china’s statement and the action of its troops.
  • It seeks as if India has since may ceded about 1000 square kilometre in ladakh to Chinese control.


Two neighbours need to work towards a diplomatic solution to ensure undisturbed peace and quiet along the border.


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