Prelims 2021 – Time to get motivated – Time to get into Mission mode

The year 2020, apparently the base year for preparation of Prelims 2021 has been a roller coaster ride of emotional turmoil…

Fear of Covid… anxiety due to lockdown… Happiness of opening of lockdown… lots of Social media, Netflix, Series and much more.

I would not say that aspirants did not put their effort in studies, but there were many distractions like…. Food – as everyone become chef… Various challenges on social media (Don’t lie… you too have thought of trying it or watching someone else) Weight gain…  Weight loss …  Phone calls … fights … solutions etc.…etc…

But now it reaching January… And now it’s the time to leave all behind, be it your regular lazy or easy-peasy preparation habit.

Reminding you your last prelims…

If you are a fresher, it will be “Token of Enlightenment” to you or if you have attempted last year or before – It will be more like “Recalling old sins“#Purane Paap”


The Prelims Preparation cycle of an aspirant… Mistakes Repeated!!

It is December – I should be serious now!!!

So here the Mission begins…

1.Excavation (Khudai) of Prelims study material.

2.Search warrant to close friend – For their short notes.

3.Marathon to book stalls for all Yellow books (Shop wala says – Isko bhi padh dalo bhaiya – Mere bete ne yahi padh k clear kiya)

4.Now time for YouTube Gyan – How to revise syllabus in 5 months (January) – In 4 Months (February) – In 3 Months (March) – In 2 Months (April) and then…. Humse na Hoga!!!

Dear friends… Its very easy to gather too many Ideas but its not that easy to follow all of them at a same time!!

Also, it’s true that we all love motivation but the real motivation is – if we can look into the real scenario – even if it seems like criticisms.

We should have this acceptance that there is no short cut to success… and when you are talking about UPSC Examination… Defiantly not!!!

We need a path way – a proper and a real one, because you can’t achieve an extraordinary goal with ordinary methods!!


Mistakes – The aspirants commit before Prelims…

The biggest mistake is setting unrealistic goals…

When you plan to cover more then 500 Current Issues in an unrealistic time period with the help of Telegram one liners which gives you the pain in Examination…

– When UPSC throws a googly, question related to the same Issue, which you read through the one liner current affairs sources.

And you satisfy your heart – mind and Ego saying – I covered everything, just don’t recall!!  (Padha Sab tha Yaad nai Aaya.)


Also, a special tribute and two minutes of silence  to those – Who think – Only Current Affairs can make you clear UPSC Prelims.

And they say… UPSC is so unpredictable!!


Dear friends… It’s us, who can make or break our situations!!


But before that try to follow DO OR DIE!!      (KARO YA MARO)


Friends… There is no shortcut to revision…

If it takes 13 Days (2hrs/day) to cover Geography, 10 Days (2 hrs./day), 10 Days (2 hrs./ day) … and other subjects for Prelim – by an experienced faculty.

(Taking standard – as per the Mission Prelims revision/ Fast track course by EDEN IAS)

Then you too should plan your revision accordingly.  You too should plan to practice more and more objective question (Target Prelims 2021 – Daily Test Series). 

Don’t leave any subject – thinking that you are perfect in that subject, rather an experienced revision can give you more edge to perform in Prelims 2021 Examination.

I wish you the best for your preparation!!

A good plan or strategy can make a difference!!

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four hours to sharpening the axe.” – Abraham Lincoln

Catch you soon!!



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