Top 10 Youngest IAS | IPS Officers in India and How to crack UPSC at an Early age?

How to crack UPSC at an Early age?

Cracking the UPSC Civil Services Exam and becoming an IAS or IPS officer at a young age is a dream for many. Only few are able to crack the UPSC exam at an early age.

Also, irrespective of the age you crack the exam at, this exam requires equal hard work, determination and consistency, be it you are being in your 20’s or your 30’s.

Top 10 youngest IAS/ IPS officers in India are:

  1. Ansar Shaikh: He is the youngest IAS Officer in India. Ansar, a 2016 batch IAS Officer, currently serves in the West Bengal Cadre.
  2. Tina Dabi: A 2015 UPSC IAS Topper needs no introduction. She got popular right after her selection in 2015, and during the COVID times, she was appointed for the Bhilwara Model, in which she actively participated. At present, she is serving as the DM of Jaisalmer.
  3. Safin Hasan: IPS Safin Hasan is the youngest IPS officer in India. He cleared the UPSC exam and joined the Indian Police Service at the age of 22 
  4. Roman Saini: 2013, AIR- 18, Roman Saini was among the youngest to qualify for the IAS Exam, with Medical Science Optional. He though left the services in 2016 to pursue his venture.
  5. Gaurav Goyal: Gaurav Goyal is an IAS officer of the 2006 batch of Rajasthan Cadre who secured an AIR 10. He had Commerce and Public Administration as his optional.
  6. Sachin Atkular: He joined IPS in Madhya Pradesh cadre at the age of 22.
  7. Amrutesh Aurangabadkar: An AIR 10 of the 2011 batch, Amrutesh Aurangabadkar was the youngest IAS officer in the state of Maharashtra at that time.
  8. S Susree: She was a native of Kollam in Kerala who became the youngest person to clear the IAS Exam in 2017, with 151st rank. She pursued her dream without taking any formal coaching.
  9. Pradeep Singh: A Bihar Cadre, All India Rank 26, Pradeep Singh is an inspiration to many. He is a 2019 batch IAS officer.
  10. Swati Meena: She is the youngest IAS Officer of her 2007 Batch, securing 260th rank in UPSC CSE 2007.

Skimming through the above list, it can be ascertained that though becoming an IAS? IPS officer at a young age can be a challenging task to do.

The below mentioned things, if kept in mind, will help you to crack UPSC at an early stage:

Firstly, get familiar with the examination. Get to know about the eligibility criteria of this examination.

Secondly, enquire about the job you are wanting to apply for. If you wish to become an IAS or IPS officer, get to know about their job roles, their responsibilities and related things. Knowing this will help you to a great extent in answering the question

“Why do you want to become an IAS/ IPS officer?”

Thirdly, decipher the pattern of this examination. Making the Previous Year Questions (PYQs) your bible will help you immensely as it is very important to analyze what has been asked in the exam till now, to ascertain what can be asked. This will help you study things which are important for the examination.

Fourthly, develop a habit of reading one good national newspaper daily and try not to break this habit. Remember, relying on monthly and yearly compilations of current affairs can be a complement to newspaper reading, but not its substitute. Newspaper reading on a daily basis, will help you in all the stages of this examination.

Fifthly, keep your resources and material limited. Include all the basic and standard books in your reading list but try to avoid looking for every “tom”, “dick” and “harry” that is being offered in the market in the form of material. Just keep this Myntra in your head ie to read a few and to revise the many

Lastly and most importantly, try joining a foundation course for UPSC, if time and resources permit. Joining this will help you immensely in your preparation, be it in terms of concept building, consistency, mentorship and guidance.

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